Hidenwood & Hiden Place Apartments: Decorating Tips for Your Apartment Home

apartments Newport News VAIt can be bewildering at first figuring out the ideal place for each item you’ve brought to your new apartment. Here at Hidenwood & Hiden Place Apartments, we want you to feel settled in and squared away in a jiffy…so we list some fun and functional ideas below to turn unpacking and settling in from a puzzle into a pleasure:

  • Create storage space under beds by using risers. You can easily purchase these inexpensive pieces at discount stores, linen shops, or online. Four risers, placed under the four legs of your bed, can add up to 12 inches to your underbed space. The space you’ve created is perfect for storing stacked boxes or plastic totes and crates.
  • Position a corner shelf or two in hard-to-reach areas, and you’ve just hit on a great way to display your collectors’ pieces and small treasures.
  • Frame a child’s art and hang it in small areas to create a one-of-a-kind gallery. Delight your little one, niece, nephew, or grandchild by displaying his creations in a special nook — and delight yourself by establishing a unique, inexpensive focal point that will brighten your day each time you see it.
  • Cluster a group of mirrors to open up a room and visually expand it. Mirrors of many shapes, sizes and styles are available in thrift stores and consignment shops near us. Once you’ve picked out your favorites, you can arrange them — for instance — over a sofa to reflect your decor and your guests. You can also use peel-off hooks to mount a mirror in your entrance foyer to check your reflection on your way out.
  • “Wallpaper” a small area, such as the walls on either side of a doorway, with fabric to create a beautifully patterned or textured look that adds color and interest to a room. Here’s how to do it:
    1. Be sure to choose a fabric with colorfast dyes, so it doesn’t bleed through onto paint.
    2. Soak the fabric in liquid starch to attach it to the wall.
    3. Place the fabric on the wall, using a wallpaper brush to smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles under the fabric.
    4. The fabric tightens as it dries, so be sure to fit it snugly into the corners.
    5. When you are ready to remove the material from the wall, just wet it down with water and peel it off.

At Hidenwood & Hiden Place Apartments, we are excited to share our hints on maximizing space and creating beauty wherever you look. Please contact us at (757) 596-5306 for a tour. We’ll be happy to show you around our floor plan options, so you can picture for yourself how you’ll use our tips to make yourself right at home.

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