Best Plants for Your Hidenwood & Hiden Place Apartments

plants for apartments Newport NewsYou don’t have to be a master gardener to grow thriving plants in your new Hidenwood & Hiden Place Apartment. In fact, a recent episode of the TODAY show recommended six varieties of the “Best Apartment Plants” — see which ones you might like to bring home from our local Newport News nurseries! These plants all thrive in low light, which is the key to success when you’re choosing greenery to enhance your new apartment setting.


This plant, featuring trailing stems, works well in hanging baskets or draped over the edge of a bookcase. Its stems can reach eight feet or longer. When it’s time to trim, the cuttings can easily be rooted in water, yielding more plants.


This succulent — or “juicy” plant, which naturally retains water in arid soil conditions — has at least one medicinal property. The gel inside its thick leaves, applied to the skin, seems to improve burn healing. It prefers dry soil, so it’s OK if you forget to water it.

Spider Plant

These plants are ideal for hanging baskets. They reproduce by putting out shoots that grow new baby plants at the ends. Put the babies in water in small, colorful pots, and presto: plants to share with friends and family.

English Ivy

This trailing plant is easy to grow and loves moist soil and cooler room temperatures.

Rubber Tree

These plants can reach a height of over eight feet, growing rapidly into a major room accent. If you’d prefer a shorter tree, trim the top periodically, which will stimulate growth of the lower branches.

Snake Plant/Mother-in-Law’s Tongue

This plant features variegated leaves — which have streaks of cream, yellow and green — that grow upright. It requires very little care and prefers slightly dry soil.

Hidenwood & Hiden Place Apartments, on the outside, features beautiful landscaping and a quiet, wooded community. To choose the optimal setting for your new apartment’s indoor plants, please contact us at (757) 596-5306 to see our floor plans and take a tour.

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